Dental bridges

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, this can have a significant effect on the appearance and functionality of your mouth. Therefore, it is important that you replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid further damage, including further tooth loss, alteration in bite and possible infection. Typically made from metal and porcelain, dental bridges are perfect for achieving a natural looking smile that feels and functions just like the real thing.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a false tooth that is used to fill the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are non-removable, which saves on the hassle of having to remove and clean them.

This is a less invasive and quicker alternative to some other treatments for missing teeth, offering a natural-looking solution. They are usually made from metal and porcelain and remain in place by using the surrounding teeth for support.

This solution differs from alternative treatments for missing teeth, including dental implants and dentures, as the procedure is both quicker and less invasive.

Types of dental bridge

  • Traditional: The false tooth is attached to crowns on either side of the tooth gap. Usually made from fusing porcelain to metal or ceramics, this option restores strength and stability for a fully functional smile.
  • Cantilever: This is suitable if there are only healthy teeth on one side of the gap. The bridge is anchored to the teeth on the healthy side, so it’s usually only suitable for teeth that aren’t subject to much chewing stress, i.e. the front teeth.
  • Maryland bonded: Used when the surrounding teeth show little or no damage, these are usually made from plastic. Metal bands are bonded to the adjacent teeth using resin, making this bridge the perfect solution for teeth with minimal stress placed on them.

Our dentists will assess your teeth and talk you through the options available to help you make an informed decision.

The procedure

Depending on the complexity of your case, the procedure is usually carried out over two appointments:

  1. You will be invited to visit one of our expert dentists for an assessment of your teeth. During this appointment, we will guide you through each of the treatment options.
  2. As soon as you and your dentist decide on the treatment plan, the teeth adjacent to the gap will be prepared and an impression will be taken and used to create your dental bridge.
  3. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge whilst you wait for the permanent one.
  4.  In your second appointment, we will fit the permanent bridge and adjust it to ensure the perfect fit

Treatment time

Dental bridges are relatively quick to fit. If the treatment isn’t complex, it can take just two appointments from start to finish. We will fit you with a temporary bridge made from an impression taken of your surrounding teeth whilst you wait for the permanent one. Following this, we will check and adjust the permanent bridge to achieve the perfect fit. This is a quicker alternative to an implant or denture.

What are the advantages of dental bridges?

  • They restore a natural-looking smile
  • Treatments times are relatively quick
  • They restore the ability to chew effectively
  • They prevent other teeth from drifting
  • The procedure is less invasive than other treatments
  • They can last for up to 15 years if cared for properly
  • There is no need to wear a palate
  • Less expensive alternative to dental implants

What are the disadvantages of dental bridges?

  • If you don’t look after them correctly, you risk infection or further tooth loss
  • For the first few weeks, your teeth can be slightly sensitive
  • If the bridge retaining the teeth has to be prepared, for example in a fixed bridge, they may be potentially more compromised than they were before preparation

How much do dental bridges cost?

Fees for dental bridges can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. Please contact the team to arrange an initial consultation, during which we will be happy to provide you with a treatment plan and estimate cost.



At 32 Whites Dental & Implant Clinic we fit crowns (or caps) over an existing tooth to protect it from further damage, or to improve your overall smile if you have had an implant or have a discoloured or misshapen tooth.


Dental implants

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