Patient Testimonials

At 32 Whites Dental & Implant Clinic our patients are our priority and we care. We treat all patients with compassion and strive for excellence in everything that we do. We understand that a trip to the dentist isn't everyones favourite place to visit so do everything we can to ensure our patients feel relaxed and comfortable whilst at the practice.

We regularly receive thanks and compliments from our patients, some of which we have added below. However, if we have fallen short of your expectations, please do let us know so we can rectify the situation for you.

April 2019

After leaving a gap of many years since my last visit to the dentist, I realised that a number of things needed attention.  A friend recommended 32 Whites so I booked for a check-up.  

Dr Peter Mantel was friendly and reassuring, completed the examination including some X rays and explained clearly and calmly what was needed.  One of my teeth required my first ever root canal work and I was delighted that the practice had links with a very good specialist and that the treatment was performed at 32 Whites clinic so that I didn’t need to go somewhere unfamiliar for that.  

I needed a couple of initial visits with the very good in-house hygienist and a few other treatments to fix everything and was very impressed how Dr Mantel made sure, always with some gentle enthusiasm, that I was comfortable and understood what was happening in each treatment.  

The practice also seemed to aim to reduce the number of visits where possible and to make each visit time efficient without it ever feeling rushed as the patient.  I was especially impressed by this because I seemed to get through my plan of treatments quicker and with less general fuss or memory of it than I had expected.  Overall, I have a great deal of faith in the practice as a result of this experience and their focus on prevention and only treating when necessary. 

I have jointed a regular plan of 6-monthly check-ups and would just like to thank Dr Mantel and his team for their friendly and highly professional service and approach.

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    March 2019

    Problems with front teeth have been a constant feature of my life.  A bicycle crash, at an early age – perhaps six or seven, remains etched in my memory as the start of endless 1970’s dentistry that, whilst tedious, time consuming and painful; appeared to do nothing to fix the problem of an effective facial disfigurement that haunted my childhood and teenage years.

    Cracked and blackened front teeth are perhaps not the most significant problem a person can face in life, but it is nonetheless scarring, and character changing, and upon reaching a solution based on crowns and bridges in my early twenties – I henceforth avoided dentists as far as possible.

    I cannot say that I was ever happy with my teeth; problems with the front teeth were compounded by overcrowding and distortions, never satisfactorily resolved in childhood, and over the years, each visit to the dentist (and amalgamated filling!) seemed to make the situation just a little worse.

    Finally, when the bridge and crown structures fell out entirely and my then dentist claimed to be unable to repair it; offering instead, plates or the option to “go elsewhere” for implants, I resolved to change the situation.  His temporary fix failed even to check that I had a comfortable bite!

    Plates and false teeth hold no fear for me, I had plenty of experience of them in my late teens and early twenties, but I resolved to try to find a more permenant solution and after some internet research contacted 32 Whites.  I cannot recommend highly enough the treatment that I have received from these guys; they took a completely different approach – first fixing all of the problems with the 70’s dentistry, and finally resolving the front teeth permanently with a row of four implants.  These feel amazing!  I now smile naturally and bite apples and corn on the cob on my front teeth without fear.  The treatment I have received has had far-reaching consequences throughout my life.

    Very happy patient P.B.

      12th December 2018

      I would like to thank all the staff for their dedication, helpfulness and quick responses to queries and request for appointments. My family have attended the practice for many years and have always been very happy with the service. Dr Peter and John Mantel have always provided excellent dental care, have a friendly manner and were particularly skilled at overcoming the dental phobia of one member of our family. I have not seen any of the other dentists so am unable to comment. I have always found the hygienist to be thorough, helpful with advice and putting one at ease. I would highly recommend this practice.

      Patient UL

        7th December 2018

        I have been coming to this practice for over 30 years. I am very happy with the service I have received over the years and Peter has been great with my girls. Fitting them in when they have been home from uni etc. When my eldest lived in USA for a few years the dentist there said her teeth were great. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

        Patient DM

          15th November 2018

          I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to my amazing dentist Peter Mantel and all the staff at 32 Whites. I used to be very scared of going to the dentist but after being at this practice for a number of years and the care and professionalism of Peter and all his staff, I am now very confident of going which is an amazing feeling! And would highly recommend this practice to anyone.

          Patient SB

            Thank You Card

            14th November 2018

            It is over 30 years ago when I had severe toothache and needed to see a dentist, I had not been to the dentist for over 5 years due to a bad experience. Arriving at Mr Mantels surgery the first thing I noticed was a shillelagh hanging on the wall, this does not look promising I thought but Mr Mantel took the time to find out why I had not been to the dentist, calmed my nerves and then treated me with great patience and understanding as does every member of staff and I have never looked back since and still attend regularly.

            Patient AB

              24th October 2018

              Dear Everyone at 32 Whites, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at 32 Whites who looked after me last night when I came in with my bad tooth. I would really like to say a huge thank you to Dr Wellings for being so kind and for staying late at such short notice to treat me. I am very grateful for your help and kindness. I would also like to say thank you to Dr Mantel for all the ongoing treatment but also for looking after my welfare throughout everything. I was really grateful for everyone’s help and I just wanted you all to know that I always feel very welcomed and cared for at the Practice. Thank you. 

              Patient AG

                13th October 2018

                My mum visited 32 Whites back at the beginning of the year after having long standing dental issues made much worse by a childhood crippling fear of the dentist.

                After finding 32 Whites on google as a surgery that specialised in people with such anxiety, we made an appointment.

                The first visit, my mum couldn’t even talk and was very distressed, but after meeting Peter, who was kind, patient and honest, she left a much calmer lady. We have had several visits to fit my mum for a denture and each time Peter and Helen the Hygienist have been absolutely wonderful.

                The whole team, including the lovely ladies on reception have made this whole process so much easier and we would both recommend them to anyone.

                  Thank You

                  13th October 2018

                  Very happy with treatment, Peter always make me feel at ease.

                  Patient PB

                    13th October 2018

                    My 1st visit to 32 Whites was due to a problem wisdom tooth and my step father recommended them. Felt immediately comfortable with Dr Peter Mantel. He put me at ease and sorted the issue with care and attention. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental care now. All the staff i.e. reception, hygienists, dental assistants are amazing and this helps especially with me having anxiety.

                    Patient MT

                      8th October 2018

                      Thanks to Dr John Mantel and his team, my smile and self-confidence have returned. Mine has been a long journey involving extractions, fillings, bridges, crowns and implants. My fear and nerves of a dentist and their chair have always managed to beat me but, with the gentle persuasion, patience, tolerance and understanding shown by John and his team, I engaged in a bespoke treatment plan. 

                      Everything was painstakingly explained and I had complete faith and trust in the team at 32 Whites. I am delighted with the finished results and have received several compliments to confirm my satisfaction. I would recommend 32 Whites (and have!) to anybody – a thoroughly professional outfit who care about their patients and their wellbeing.

                      Thank you again.

                      Patient TK

                        1st October 2018

                        This is to say a big thank you to Peter and all of his team at the clinic who provided me with an excellent standard of care when I arrived looking for assistance without a pre-booked appointment. I was rather distressed when I arrived, as I had endured a night of pain in my tooth but added to that pressure was the fact, I was leaving the following day for a 2-week cruise to the Baltic.

                        Peter reassured me he could provide appropriate and successful treatment and with his support and that of his sympathetic and professional team, that was exactly what happened.

                        Thank you.

                        Patient MC

                          29th March 2018

                          Dr Mantel treated me twelve months ago. I was most unhappy with my teeth. I have a wide smile that shows all of my top teeth. I had neglected a really lovely set of teeth and I wanted them back again. Dr Mantel is intense and passionate in his work which is so totally reassuring. He took genuine pleasure in my delight with my new teeth.

                          The wrinkles are still there but I feel that my new smile has knocked years off how I look. My confidence has soared, I’ve been abroad several times in the last year with my big smile! My teeth are lovely and so very natural, in fact just perfect and I couldn’t recommend Dr Mantel more highly.

                          Patient CP

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