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Emergency Dentist

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Are you looking for an emergency dentist in or near Stockport? Here at 32Whites, we offer an emergency dentist service for those in need of immediate care. If you have an urgent dental problem, call us straight away – we’ll arrange a consultation as soon as possible so you can have same day pain relief and get the urgent treatment you need.

Why choose us:

  • No need to be a registered patient
  • Same-day appointments available, as well as out-of-hours, evening and Saturday appointments
  • Get advice and support over the phone
  • We’ll rid you of dental pain as soon as possible

What is a dental emergency?

There could be any number of reasons to need emergency dental treatment, ranging from a knocked out tooth and exposed root to a loose filling or a painful mouth ulcer.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • severe dental pain or toothache
  • a broken, cracked or chipped tooth
  • a tooth knocked out completely
  • a loose or missing filling or crown
  • facial swelling

However, if you’re struggling with any degree of dental pain, or have a sudden incident which results in a dental emergency, get in touch with our professional Stockport based dentists as soon as possible.

How we can help you

When you visit one of our emergency dental experts at our Marple practice, we’ll provide expert advice and help you find the right solution for your dental emergency.

We’ve treated a vast number of emergency cases and have looked after numerous nervous patients, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on offering pain-free dental treatment in a comfortable environment, with open communication and choice. This extends to emergency situations, too.

We’ll provide you with expert advice and support over the phone, offer a same-day appointment wherever we can, and most importantly, provide the best treatment for your emergency.


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