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Dental Treatments

At 32Whites our services include all aspects of dental health care and we are a family friendly practice.

Our dental treatments

We cover oral cancer screening and regular dental health checks, as well as a full range of hygiene services.

In addition, our dentists have many years’ experience in treating complex full mouth cases.

This could involve cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain crowns, veneers and white cosmetic fillings to restore your smile, or it could involve replacing lost or missing teeth with dental implants.

Our services also include other aspects of general dentistry, including extractions and root canal treatment. Children are very welcome, and we offer preventative treatments for all the family. We can also use orthodontics to bring teeth back into perfect alignment.

Dental treatments for nervous patients

The 32Whites dentists and team are dedicated to helping and treating new, nervous or dental phobic patients, with the option of a full sedation service at hand.


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Client Testimonials

I have no hesitation in recommending 32Whites to anyone who is seriously committed to improving the look and function of their teeth.

I had previously lost several teeth, my lower teeth had become mis-shapen and chewing food had become difficult with only 3 single points of contact on my bite.

However after wearing a brace for 15 months and having 4 implants the look and function of my teeth have been transformed.

All the staff at 32Whites are courteous, efficient and accommodating and the dentists highly skilled and professional.

One couldn’t ask for more.

Mr I K