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Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer can affect any part of the mouth including the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. The mortality rate is above 50%, with the disease causing over 1,800 deaths per year in the UK. Many of these deaths could be prevented if the cancer was caught early enough.




What causes mouth cancer?

Both alcohol and smoking are major precursors to mouth cancer, with by far the greatest incidence in people who smoke and/or drink alcohol.

The importance of mouth cancer screening

Mouth cancer can often be spotted in its early stages during a thorough mouth examination. If mouth cancer is diagnosed early, the chances of a cure are much higher.

A good diet, rich in vitamins A, C and E, helps provide protection against the development of mouth cancer.

Further information

If you have any questions about oral cancer screening, please do get in touch. To arrange a check-up, give us a call on 0161 820 8104.