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Dental hygienist services

The hygienist’s main work is to professionally clean your teeth and gums by removing calculus, stains and plaque to enhance a healthy, brighter smile. However, their most important role is showing you the best way to keep your teeth plaque-free. Regular professional cleaning, combined with looking after your teeth and gums at home, will keep your mouth healthy.

Visiting our expert hygienists at 32Whites regularly will help improve your dental health and prevent or stabilise periodontal (gum) disease, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth or dental decay.

A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance, help keep your teeth and give you fresh breath.

Oral Hygiene Assessment – 6 Point Check

As part of your treatment, our hygienists will:

  • Examine your gums and teeth – we’ll check for any swelling/inflammation or for any bleeding, which is the first stage of gum disease (gingivitis).
  • Check for any signs of periodontal disease, which is a more developed stage of gum disease.
  • Look for any presence of plaque, which does all the damage to your teeth but can be controlled to preserve your dental health.
  • Identify any areas you may be missing when you clean your teeth, so that we can help you maintain your teeth better.
  • Professionally clean your teeth and remove any plaque or tartar.
  • Demonstrate brushing techniques, the use of floss and other services.

All our hygienists are qualified to administer local anaesthetic if required for any part of your treatment.

Periodontal (Gum Treatments) Treatments

Periodontics is the speciality of dentistry dealing with the gums and underlying bone which support and hold our teeth firmly in place.

Periodontal (gum) disease (which is the loss of bone under the gums that holds our teeth in place in our mouths) is very prevalent in adults, but as there are very few symptoms, many people are unaware of its existence until it is firmly advanced.

Signs to look for include:

  • Bleeding
  • Sore, swollen or receding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Sensitive and/or mobile teeth

Any of these can be signs of gum disease which, if caught early, can be reversed. If it has reached a more advanced stage, the disease can be stabilised, and then bone regeneration techniques may be possible to restore lost bone.

Smoking is a main cause of gum disease, and our hygienist will endeavour to help and offer advice to help you stop smoking.

Once gum disease is established, our hygienist will carry out different tratments to deliver the best outcome for your needs, with careful scaling and polishing to restore good gum health.

32Whites cosmetic smile makeovers with gum alignment

Cosmetic smile makeovers can be achieved by our cosmetic dental team, who are dedicated to improving your smile. This procedure includes treatments for gum reshaping for perfect tooth alignment, and gum grafts to restore and replace healthy gum which has unfortunately receded and been lost over time revealing the root of the tooth, with healthy brand new gums to restore and give you back your beautiful smile.

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