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 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Wore Braces!

In an age when image is so important many people desire a picture perfect smile. Traditionally the only way to realign teeth was to use metal braces which have to be in place for many months. In times gone by a young teenager wearing braces would be very self-conscious and even avoid smiling to prevent exposing the metal tram lines, but more recently attitudes towards having a brace has changed. There have been an ever increasing number of famous people caught on camera wearing braces which has made it almost fashionable to have a brace.

Many celebrities like Prince Harry, actress Emma Watson, Niall Horan of One Direction, Chelsea Clinton, the president’s daughter and singer Justin Bieber have all been photographed wearing braces in pursuit of that perfect smile. But it is not just the young wanting to improve their smile, actors Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Faye Dunaway, Danny Glover and Angelina Jolie have all worn braces in their 40’s and older.

Today although metal braces are still the most common type there are alternatives: – ceramic braces are as effective as metal ones but less obvious and lingual braces fit behind the teeth so they are not visible from the front. At 32Whites we offer Inman – Aligners which are almost invisible and can straighten teeth in a matter of weeks.

The Inman Aligner is a brace-like appliance that fits comfortably inside the mouth, with one spring-based bow sitting behind the teeth, and another clear bow aligning around the front of the teeth. By gently squeezing and working together, these bows push and pull the teeth into the desired straight shape, quickly and predictably.

32Whites is a unique family run dental practice with 30 years of experience. We are a leading cosmetic dental clinic in the Greater Manchester area, using the most up to date techniques and materials available, to restore your smile and build your confidence