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Root Canal Treatments

Here at 32Whites, our dentists are highly experienced and have carried out several thousand root canal treatments. Experience has shown us to expect a long term success rate, in excess of 95%. Our practice is open six days a week with same day late appointments available.


Why would I need root canal treatment?

Our dedicated clinician, Garrath Sambrook, undertakes root canal therapy at 32Whites.

When pain arises from a tooth, the tooth may have become infected and require root canal treatment.

We perform root canal treatment when the nerve or pulp tissue of a tooth has become infected, in order to prevent the formation of abscess and eventual spreading of the infection to the surrounding tissue. If an abscess forms within the bone, the tooth pushes slightly out of  it’s socket making it feel very tender when you bite down.

Root canal therapy or endodontics involves removing the infected nerve or pulp tissue from the roots of your tooth, so that the tooth can continue to function normally within the surrounding bone.

Before we carry out root canal treatment, we’ll anaesthetise your tooth with local anaesthetic to ensure that the treatment is carried out comfortably and is pain-free. We’ll place a rubber dam or sheet over your tooth to keep it dry and prevent bacteria in the mouth from further infecting the root being treated.

When we’ve removed the pulp tissue, the inside of the roots are cleaned and shaped with high-tech, highly efficient flexible rotary instruments. We will then wash the root canals with a number of disinfectants before drying them, then carefully filling and restoring them.

We can then crown or fill the  visible part of your tooth. Crowns are made of porcelain or metal, and serve as excellent seals for the tooth by preventing contamination by bacteria or other debris in the mouth.

Normally, we will take dental X-rays before treatment commences, to aid diagnosis; we’ll take some again on completion of treatment to check accuracy. At 32Whites, we use only digital X-rays,as this considerably reduces exposure time for you.


Root Canal Therapy Before Treatment

Root Canal Therapy Before Treatment

Root Canal Therapy After Treatment

Root Canal Therapy After Treatment

After the procedure

Treatments are normally completed in a single appointment, but occasionally can take two appointments to complete. You may experience some post-operative pain,which normally settles down with painkillers in a few days.

What are the alternatives to root canal treatment ?

Tooth extraction is the only other alternative when you have a tooth with acutely infected pulp. However, it is always better to retain your natural teeth than have them removed where possible.

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If you’re suffering with a painful tooth and think you might need root canal treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 0161 820 8104 to arrange an appointment.