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Dental implants

If you have one or more missing teeth and want to restore your smile, dental implants could be the perfect solution for you.

Used to replace lost teeth, bridges or dentures, they are the next best thing to natural teeth.

Dental implants are fixed into your jawbone, ensuring stability, functionality and a great looking smile. They could easily be mistaken for real teeth!

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How do dental implants work?

To recreate the natural tooth, a dental implant uses a small titanium screw to act as the root, and a naturally coloured crown that acts as the tooth.

The process is highly effective and pain free, requiring just a few simple steps:

  • A full consultation with our professional Stockport based dentists to assess your mouth and bone structure
  • A visit to implant the titanium screw into your jawbone, which is then left to allow the bony tissue to grow over it and ensure it’s firmly locked in place
  • Removal of the temporary plug, and the fitting of the crown, bridge or denture

The benefits of the treatment

Dental implants are a safe and highly effective treatment to replace either single or multiple teeth. They can be used in just one location, or act as bridge retainers for whole rows of teeth. In general, they:

  • Remove the need to wear dentures, permanently fixing teeth in place
  • Can be used to work around healthy, undamaged teeth
  • Help maintain bone volume
  • Have high success rates compared to conventional treatments

Why choose 32Whites for your Dental Implants in Marple

If you’re looking for dental implants in Marple, Stockport, look no further than 32Whites. When you book a consultation with us, we’ll help you determine whether permanent teeth impants are suitable for you. We’ll weigh up the pros and cons compared with other treatments, explain the procedure in full, and answer any questions you might have.

There are some rare exceptions where permanent teeth implants are not suitable, but we will discuss these with you. We’ll go through all your options concerning anaesthesia too, so you’ll rest assured the entire procedure will be painless.

Finally, we’ll breakdown and detail all the associated costs of dental implants so that you have full understanding of the procedure to make an informed decision.

Find out if dental implants are suitable for you.

See what our patients think below:

Dr Ian Wellings featured on new national implant dentistry patient website

Stockport dentist and dental implant expert Dr Ian Wellings is featured on a new national implant dentistry patient website called click4teeth. In addition to the UK’s biggest directory of dentists who provide tooth implant treatment, the site includes lots of helpful information for anyone considering replacing missing or failing teeth.
Dr Ian Wellings has over 25 years of clinical experience in dental implantology, placing approximately 200 implants a year, and in over 750 patients overall. Ian’s interest is to take a patient in any state of dental/oral debility or disability and be able to restore them to full dental/oral health function and aesthetics.

Ian trained and worked with one of the most highly respected pioneers in the field, is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology UK and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has lectured both nationally and internationally. Dr Wellings graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1981 after which he served in the Royal Air Force working in Stafford, Cranwell and in Germany.

Patients just beginning to think about dental implant treatment may find it helpful to attend a preliminary non-clinical consultation. Follow this link to Dr Ian Wellings’ page.