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Facial Aesthetics & Rejuvenation

Our dedicated team at 32Whites offer a range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments alongside our quality dental services.

About anti-wrinkle treatment


anti-wrinkle treatment 32Whites

Whether it’s down to the weather, emotional changes or fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles can have an impact on anyone.

Our facial aesthetic treatments are suitable for both men and women and aim to restore your skin’s natural beauty following a short, pain-free procedure.

What is anti-wrinkle treatment?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are a great solution for reducing age-related wrinkles, including frown lines and crow’s feet. This treatment smooths out those fine lines for a fresher and more renewed appearance.

How long will it take?

Typically, treatments take around 10 minutes per area to perform, and the results can last for up to six months.

How much do anti-wrinkle treatments cost?

Anti-wrinkle injections are based on the amount of areas you’d like to have treated, with discounted rates for multiple areas. You can choose from either above the eyebrow, forehead, or crow’s feet. The costing includes a review appointment two weeks after the appointment to assess the results.

  • 1 area: £165
  • 2 areas: £210
  • 3 areas: £250

Derma Fillers

What are derma fillers?

Derma fillers are used to reduce contour lines, folds and wrinkles on your face.

How does it work?

Derma fillers are gently injected into the skin to add volume to your complexion and refresh your face for a more youthful appearance. If you suffer from deep lines and wrinkles, this treatment will plump out your skin and smooth any uneven surfaces. For a completely natural look, our expert team will only administer what is needed.

How much do derma fillers cost?

The price of derma fillers depends on where you would like to have treatment, and can be found below.

  • Nasal Labial Folds: from £199
  • Lip Enhancement: from £250
Facial Rejuvenation - Before Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation – Before Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation - Before Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation – Before Treatment

Book your consultation

If you’re not sure whether anti-wrinkle treatment or derma fillers are for you, contact our dental team on 0161 449 8419. You can also call this number if you’re ready to book an appointment with one of our trained experts at 32Whites.

After your initial consultation, you will be invited to a more thorough session for £35, where we will confirm your treatment, the areas you want to improve, and the overall cost. We will also take photographs so you can compare the difference once treatment is complete.