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Just a selection of our client feedback…

“Over the course of the past two years, I have visited 32 Whites on a number of occasions with a view to resolving a number of long standing issues with my teeth. With the old issues a thing of the past, I have been hugely impressed with the overall offering from 32 Whites, from the greeting in reception through to the dental treatment itself. I cannot recommend the services of 32 Whites highly enough, and the entire experience from the greeting in reception through to treatment and after-sales is a pleasure.”

Happy Client

I have no hesitation in recommending 32Whites to anyone who is seriously committed to improving the look and function of their teeth.

I had previously lost several teeth, my lower teeth had become mis-shapen and chewing food had become difficult with only 3 single points of contact on my bite.

However after wearing a brace for 15 months and having 4 implants the look and function of my teeth have been transformed.

All the staff at 32Whites are courteous, efficient and accommodating and the dentists highly skilled and professional.

One couldn’t ask for more.

Mr I K

I have recently undergone extensive dental treatment at 32Whites, from canal work, laser treatment on my gums and lovely new crowns. I cannot recommend 32Whites, highly enough.

I was informed of all the treatment I needed and given time to decide on the timescale, at no time was I rushed into making decisions.

During the treatment I was well looked after by every member of the team. I can only praise the high quality of the treatment I had.

I highly recommend 32Whites and thank them very much for looking after me and giving me beautiful teeth, a lovely smile and a very happy lady.





As a nervous person I am petrified of the dentist, which I spoke to the lady on the phone about who gave some tips on calming my nerves and also some different options and prices. She was very helpful and not pushy! She took her time to listen about how I hadn’t seen a dentist in 6 years! I arrived and was so nervous, but a lady behind reception and the hygienist were amazing and so sympathetic! Will be going back there for all my dentistry work.


The first time I walked into 32Whites, I didn’t know what to expect. It was years since I’d seen a dentist but i needn’t have worried.

Everyone put me at ease from the Receptionists through to Peter the dentist.

I needed a lot of work, but each procedure was explained to me in detail, so i understood exactly what was happening and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Everyone I know has noticed and it’s been worth every penny.

So Thank you to everyone at 32Whites for the support, the excellent dental work I have received and for giving me great teeth!


I consulted 32Whites in March 2009 following recommendations from friends and after losing confidence in the dentist I had been seeing for many years.

From the first visit I found it to be a totally new experience of dentistry, with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

In spite of being under the regular care of my previous dentist, I did need some work on my gums and a number of fillings and crowns.

At no time during the treatment did I experience any discomfort and I am extremely pleased with the results. Perhaps best of all – I know my teeth are now healthy and being well looked after.

I have no hesitation in recommending the practise to anyone needing first class dental care.


Throughout my treatment I was always kept abreast of all the treatments. I had attended other dental surgeries previously and had some bad experiences, which had left me very apprehensive about undertaking further treatment.

However, now 18 months later, I can honestly state that undertaking the extensive work was well worth it. Previously my teeth were small, discoloured and I had a large gap where two teeth had been removed.

I never smiled for photos before, now I can’t stop! The team are fantastic and friendly. I would thoroughly recommend them.


I had not been to a dentist for 25 years, Why – because I was frightened, No – I was terrified. My son, a current patient at 32Whites, also formally terrified, tricked me into attending.

I have now completed a full course – fillings, root canal treatment, whitening, dentures.

Peter and his staff gave me confidence to trust them into believing them that modern dentistry does not hurt.

The skill, compassion and care I received at 32Whites is something and very willing to share with others and modern dentistry is pain free.

I have already booked my check-up for next time and it must be ok as I travel 75 miles each way for my appointment.

Peter and his staff gave me confidence….

After more than 16 years of severe nervous fears of dental treatment, my teeth were in urgent need of attention.

Thanks to choosing 32Whites, I have just completed very intensive work on my teeth.

Peter Mantel gave me the confidence to undergo the treatment I required with excellent, pain free dental work. My teeth look and feel wonderful to what they were.

The staff at 32Whites are both friendly and sympathetic towards nervous patients and I look forward to attending future dental appointments with a smile.

Mrs E.N, 68, Romiley

I went to 32Whites on recommendation from a family friend after I had some bad experiences with other dentists. I felt quite embarrassed about my teeth and I had been to see a dentist who I felt was more critical than helpful and made me feel anxious that there was little they could do to correct the damage done to my teeth. From the initial consultation and throughout all my treatment I found Dr Mantel to be approachable, professional and a dentist that listened to my endless list of concerns. I was very nervous about undergoing cosmetic dentistry and really worried about ending up with dodgy teeth that didn’t look natural and I thought this might end up like me. I was also worried about what the procedures would involve and that I could not really take any time off work.

John listened to every concern I had and put up with a lot of questions and worrying from me. I was only 27 at the time of the procedure and I felt too young to be getting ‘false teeth’ which added to my concerns. However, I was able to talk openly with Dr Mantel and this made me feel more at ease and completely aware of what the procedures would involve. My procedures were completed over 3 main sessions and then a couple of review sessions in between. I was able to talk to the dentist and technician at every stage about how my new smile would look and if I wasn’t sure about any element I could change it until I was happy. The procedures were at times painful and I spent hours in the dentist’s chair, but the dentist and his team did everything to make me as comfortable as I could be in the circumstances.

It was worth it though as I now have a stunning smile that was so cleverly done, that most people didn’t notice exactly what I had done differently, although everyone noticed that my smile looked brighter! The people that I did talk to could not believe how natural my teeth looked. If you compare the before and after pictures of the transformation from my old smile to my new smile is actually quite dramatic, so it is down to the skilful work of Dr Mantel that such a dramatic change could be done so subtly in terms of my overall appearance. I am lucky to have been introduced to such a professional dental practice and I know I will be their customer for many years to come.

Mrs C.P, age 30, Surrey

I have not been to the dentist for 20 years. After suffering with severe toothache for several days this summer I plucked up the courage to try and get treated but was unable to find an NHS practice that would take me on. Luckily I found P&J Mantel in Marple (now 32Whites) and went to see them privately, they and the staff were very kind and reassuring, because I needed extensive treatment and quite a few visits to the surgery to put my teeth right.

I suffered very little pain, lost my fear of dentists and now have a healthy mouthful of teeth that look lovely, I have received excellent treatment from Dr John Mantel and staff and I am very happy with the results.

If you want 1st class treatment, then 32Whites is the practice to go to.

Mrs B Gilbert, age 67, Mellor

I have wanted my teeth whitened for years now. I researched 32Whites on line and booked in to see Dr Thakker for a consultation, She was very helpful, understanding and listened to all my concerns.

A week later, I booked in for the process, after 1 hours of ‘in surgery’ whitening, I couldn’t believe the improvement in the colour of my teeth.

I would recommend this treatment and 32Whites.

Mr J.D, 24, Manchester

Excellent service, very friendly, top class treatment, plenty of information. Put at ease and every aspect of the treatment explained to me.

Mr Warhurst, 60, Romiley

I am really pleased with the outcome I have got. I can now smile with confidence, instead of putting my hand over my mouth. It was worth the money I spent. The staff are really nice and patient.

Miss R.B, 19, Hazel Grove

Having experienced various forms of treatment during the past year, I feel I am in a good position to assess the practice. My treatment included simple fillings, root canal work, extraction and most complex, implants.

This dental practice, 32Whites, was not previously known to me, as I only moved into Marple during 2010. Dr John Mantel, immediately put me at ease, all the procedures explained in advance and I felt secure and relaxed.

All my treatment has been completed and I am very happy with the final result and certainly recommend 32Whites, in general, and particularly John.

Mrs C. MD, 73, Marple

I came to 32Whites as the classic ‘frightened to death’ patient. As a teenager i’d had 8 crowns plus a variety of fillings and other bits and pieces…. and in those days the pain relief was administered with the dreaded gas mask. The experience left me anxious and reluctant to visit any dentist on a regular basis for years afterwards. The work I had as a youngster was worn out and needed replacing with the crowns cracked and leaking. So at 42 years of age I knew it was time to address an ongoing problem.

My wife was already an enthusiastic patient and she recommended a preliminary chat with Peter. After the initial meeting, where I had x-rays and a detailed review. I agreed a 12 month plan of action which allowed the extent of the actual work as well as spreading the expense over an acceptable period of time.

I’m delighted to report that I’ve finished the programme and could not be happier with the finished results. The team at 32Whites are extremely welcoming and make a real effort to put patients at ease. As for the dental treatment itself? It’s not always been easy…. but Peter’s chair side manner has ensured the whole experience has been positive and pain free as possible.

I would not consider going elsewhere and have no hesitation recommending 32Whites as an example of how much dentistry has improved since my childhood.

Mr N.C, 45, Romiley

I came to 32Whites in the hope of having implants, but due to the cost, I had to have other cosmetic treatment. After a full discussion a plan was agreed and treatment began. Although disappointed that I had to put the implants on hold, I am very happy with the end result. Everybody has been very friendly and I will be coming back on a regular basis.

I hope to have my implants one day, but have got a very good alternative. Thank you

Mrs H.W, 57, High Peak

Over the past 18 months, I have undergone extensive treatment at 32Whites, some of which involved surgery in order to prepare for the aesthetic work.

During all this time, I have received the very best of care from everyone at the practice. I was quite apprehensive and nervous about the various procedures, but was always put at ease and looked after with patience and understanding. John always told me exactly what to expect and found ways to make the treatment, pain free as possible.

The time and efforts have been so worthwhile as I now have a smile I am pround of, instead of covering it as I previously did.

I am delighted with the result.

Mrs B Jones, 53, Worsley

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to John, his nurse and reception staff at 32 Whites.

When I called the practice in exteme pain, I received a welcoming and helpful response, which was certainly the opposite of that from my own practice.

The treatment I received was excellent and the following day I was feeling much better.

Mr I.F., 50, New Mills

Firstly I would like to thank John, his assistant and Tom, the dental technician, who made the whole process so easy and pain free.

For anyone who may be thinking of having a ‘new smile’, don’t put it off for 2 years like I did, as it has made such a difference in my confidence and self image.

Spending 3 -4 hours in the dentist chair, is quite exhausting for the patient and dentist, but the results are certainly worth it.

Mr W, Strines

When I first came to 32Whites, 5 years ago, on the recommendation of a family member, I was a little apprehensive as I needed quite extensive treatment.

I soon gained my confidence in Peter he made the treatment as comfortable and pain free as possible.

I am very pleased with the treatment I have received and the result. I can now smile with confidence, thanks to Peter and all the staff.

I would certainly recommend 32Whites to all my family and friends.

Mrs A.E, Middleton