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Full mouth rehabilitation

A full mouth rehabilitation is a detailed process that rehabilitates your mouth. This will help you to retain good oral health which, with proper maintenance, will remain healthy for the long term.

Why is full mouth rehabilitation necessary?

We often carry out full mouth rehabilitation treatment when there are several dental problems present. By methodically and systematically treating these problems, we can provide a long term, stable result that has your mouth feeling healthy and fresh.

This is often a team approach for our dental team, where we work together to help you achieve improved dental health.

Full mouth rehabilitation at 32Whites

Here at 32Whites, our dentists and specialists are trained to look at the whole picture regarding your oral health. If you have complex problems with your mouth and teeth, you can feel reassured that we will take all necessary steps to ensure that you achieve optimum oral health.

Your treatment plan will only commence once we’ve carried out a full assessment. We will discuss each stage with you thoroughly, so that you can always make an informed choice. Once we’ve completed the assessment and diagnostic procedures, we’ll give you a full, written treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

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