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National Smile Month 2017

Today, Monday 15th May marks the start date of National Smile Month!

Shockingly… Only 50 per cent of adults visit the dentist every six months and some even wait until they are in pain or need treatment before they enter the dentist. This stat shows how many people do not understand the importance of a check-up, but National Smile Month is hoping with everybody’s help, this stat will change for the better!

What is National Smile Month…

The Oral Health Foundation, a leading health charity, created the largest and longest running oral health campaign in order to bring awareness to the seriousness and important oral health issues.

With everybody’s support and involvement in National Smile Month, the campaign each year is able to reach more than 50 million people.

The ultimate goal is for everybody in the UK to be able to smile with confidence by improving people’s knowledge on oral health.

So… Show off your pearly whites this month, smile with confidence and help bring awareness to oral health issues all while having fun!

Did you know… Smiling is the only gesture recognised world wide?! Click the link to find out more fun facts about smiles!

If you have a phobia of the dentist, being afraid is not uncommon which is why 32Whites will not only talk you through each step of the process, Dr. John Mantel is dental phobia certified, which means he has the knowledge and skill to assist you in overcoming any fears you might have. Get in touch to start your journey of great oral health today!