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Dental Awards 2016



On Friday 22nd April 2016, we travelled down to Birmingham to attend the Dental Awards, after being nominated for The Best Team and Best Practice Manager.

We met in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel; where we oohhed and aahhed at each others attire, and compliments were flying (we do scrub up well).

We were ushered into the Reception area for free champagne and beer to welcome us.

Before we could sample too much of the champagne we were led into the vast hall, which would be our home for the evening.

Our table number was 32, which was quite apt.

The entire table was abuzz with excitement and many pictures were taken.

The compeer for the evening was comedienne Jo Caulfield, who has appeared on ‘Mock the Week’, wish it had been Dara O’Briain though!

The first 6 awards were announced, with the Practice Manager of the Year, being one of them. Unfortunately Sarah did not win, but as she was pleased to have been nominated and even more pleased when Claire had said that she had been feeling nervous as well.

The starters were then served, either soup or salmon, but to honest, we were too excited to eat.

The main course was lamb, again, not too much was eaten as the nerves were finally getting to us.

After the dessert, we were entertained by a young gentleman with his musical medley, and guess which TEAM, were first up on the dance floor?

It was Jo Caulfield’s turn to come back on and with her easy going repertoire, had the crowd in stitches.

Then it was the remainder of the awards.

Again, we were unsuccessful, but we congratulated each other and then commiserated in the ladies toilets (not the men I might add), proving that we do not need an award to show what a team we are.

After this the music started and again, we were on the dance floor. We were entertained by John’s dancing, as we couldn’t all fit on the dance floor, we made our own section on the carpet, next to the bar. (of course).

Many pictures were taken to remember our night, both on the stage and on the dance floor.

Some of us were still dancing at 2.00am, when the music finished.

Overall we had a brilliant night. We are a TEAM and next year it would be nice if we had a trophy to prove it.